Women own 12 outfits which do not fit

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Researchers polling 4,000 women also discovered a woman’s fluctuating weight means she has a total of three different dress sizes in her cupboard.

Therese (corr) Coleman, consultant nutritionist for Wholegrain Goodness, said: ”Eating the wrong foods isn’t just bad for your health, it appears to have a bad effect on your wallet too.

”At first glance it might seem like you only have a few items of clothes that don’t fit, but when you start to think about the amount of clothes we have hung up in our wardrobes, or tucked away in our chest of drawers, it’s a massive amount.

”It’s a nice idea having a favourite pair of jeans or tops available for when you’re that size again, but in reality these women are frittering away hundreds of pounds.”

The nationwide study of women aged between 18 and 65 quizzed them on their dieting habits and the effect this has had on their wardrobe.

It emerged more than half (52 per cent) of ladies have bought clothes that were too small in the hope they will fit into them one day and half of women admit they fib to others about how much they weigh.

Half of women admitted constantly yo-yo diet which means they have ‘fat clothes’ at hand for when they pile on the pounds.

Reflection in the mirror (72 per cent), unflattering photos on Facebook (55 per cent) and upcoming events like birthdays or weddings (38 per cent) emerged as the biggest triggers to hit the gym.

And while one in six want a better sex life, one in ten watch what they eat after getting dumped and one in five decide to slim down after comments by friends or partners about their weight.

But despite their good intentions, a massive 47 per cent polled don’t regularly check the calorie content or nutritional information on foods they eat.

And when they finally fall of the dieting wagon, lack of willpower, boredom and constantly reaching for comfort food were named the biggest pitfalls.

Only TWO per cent of women polled were happy with their body, while most consider themselves ‘frumpy’, one in six want to alter their things and bum and one in ten know they’re fat.

Six in ten said they struggled with a diet because it deprives them of enjoying ‘normal’ meals, and more than half don’t have a plan in place to maintain their shape once they’ve achieved their goal weight.

It also emerged four in ten see diets as a short-term goal rather than a lifestyle change and the majority see themselves as having the most negative impact on their dieting success followed by colleagues.

The majority of women polled admitted it is themselves that has the most negative impact on their dieting success., while a significant amount blamed ‘office feeders’.

Therese Coleman added: ”Half the women we surveyed claimed they don’t think about how to maintain their weight once they’ve reached a target and four in ten see diets as a short-term goal rather than a lifestyle change.

”It’s important though to eat a balanced and varied diet at all times rather than just when trying to lose weight.

”The research reveals a contradiction in terms of women’s opinions on healthy eating, compared with their actual behaviour.

”While 52 per cent said eating the right foods was the key to dieting, it appears that there is confusion over just what a balanced and varied diet should include.

”Women start off with the best intentions, but obviously find it very difficult to manage their weight.

”Often this is due to the misconception that eating healthily means deprivation, which is not sustainable, that there’s a lack of choice and variety and that healthy food is not as tasty.”

The survey was commissioned to mark the launch of a series of online videos to help consumers identify and enjoy wholegrains to maintain their shape.


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