Heart-attack victim saved by pizza deliveryman (AP)

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Tue Jul 20, 4:30 pm ET

LAKEWOOD, Colo. – Ordering a pizza may have saved George Linn’s life. Linn’s wife said he had just gone into cardiac arrest Friday when the pizza deliveryman knocked on the door of their Colorado home to bring their order. Kami Linn said she opened the door to “some burly-looking dude” and immediately asked for help.

The deliveryman, Chris Wuebben, happened to be a paramedic recently returned from Iraq.

Kami Linn said Wuebben performed CPR on her husband and revived him. Other paramedics who later arrived then took over. George Linn remains hospitalized in the intensive care unit.

Kami Linn said her husband has a history of heart problems.

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1,000 runaway plastic ducks need to be rounded up (AP)

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Mon Jul 19, 2:29 pm ET

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – A child advocacy agency is hoping to get all its ducks in a row after more than 1,000 plastic entrants in a charity duck race floated to freedom in northeast Indiana.

Stop Child Abuse & Neglect says 17,000 plastic ducks were dropped into the St. Joseph River in Fort Wayne during the June 19 fundraiser but that only 15,000 were retrieved that day.

Spokeswoman Jennifer Boen says about 1,000 of the rogue ducks have since been recovered, and that some of the others have been spotted as far away as Ohio.

The group says it is working with the Fort Wayne Water Department to catch the remaining ducks and that it wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize the beauty of the river.



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NYC bank robber pulls off heist armed with flowers (AP)

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Mon Jul 19, 5:34 pm ET

NEW YORK – New York City police are seeking a bank robber who’s armed with a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers. The suspect strolled into a Manhattan bank last week while carrying the flowers. Police say he reached into the arrangement, pulled out a threatening note and handed it to a teller.

The note demanded $100 and $50 bills and warned, “Don’t be a hero.”

He was given an undisclosed amount of cash before fleeing.

Police released a security photo on Monday of the man showing him standing at a counter while clutching the bouquet.

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