Corfu honeymoon plunge bride ‘can return home’ after hundreds pay flight costs

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The primary school secretary had lost her footing and slipped from her hotel balcony after returning from a romantic meal with her 29 year-old husband.

She and her new builder partner Michael Dudbridge were left stranded in the Greek island with just 50 euros after making the “surprise” wedding gift trip without any travel insurance.

They wrongly believed they were covered by the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), commonly referred as the E111, if anything went wrong.

While the card guarantees Ms Freeland will “receive the same level of medical health care as a local resident” it does not cover any other costs.

The couple, from Lewisham, south London, had flown to Corfu after guests paid for the honeymoon tickets following their decision to save for a house.

But after Ms Freeland was left fighting for her life, Mr Dudbridge was left with the heartbreaking prospect at not being able to pay for her to fly back to Britain.

After Saturday’s incident, two days before their dream holiday was due to end, Mr Dudbridge launched a website to raise the estimated £16,000 needed to fly his new wife back to the UK.

But less than 24 hours their plight was reported in national newspapers, including The Daily Telegraph, more than 400 generous strangers came forward and raised the money. One generous donor even donated £5,000.

It means she will be able to fly home in an air ambulance plane, complete with stabilisers, for treatment in a British hospital.

Her mother, Linda, said: “This is just brilliant news. We can’t believe the outpouring of support that we’ve had from the public.

“We just want to thank for them for being so supportive at this difficult time. Hopefully now we can get Carrie home as soon as possible.”

Her best friend Zoe Bayntun, 27, added: “It’s amazing we’ve already exceeded the total.

“This will be a massive relief to Carrie and Michael and all their friends and family.”

They couple, who were together for a decade before their wedding on July 31, are now awaiting medical clearance and assessments on Carrie’s condition before they are able to fly her back.

The repatriation company who will bring her home are waiting for vital paperwork to be signed off before she can be flown back to the UK.

NHS surgeons forced to ‘work in the dark’ after power failure blunder

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Minutes of a recent hospital board meeting, released on Thursday under the Freedom of Information Act, disclosed that surgeons were forced to complete an operation by torchlight as a result of the failure.

Ambulances were also placed on emergency standby but were not needed after power was quickly restored.

According to the minutes, the problems were caused by the main power failing during the tests.

Two generators, which required manual starting, failed while the problem was also exacerbated by a failure of backup battery-powered lights.

One unnamed board member said the problems on 13 March this year, were an “unacceptable for an event of this nature to have happened”.

“[She] commented that she was mindful that for an event such as this the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) could present the trust with an improvement notice or prohibition notice,” the minutes said.

“She asked if the patient who had been in surgery at the time had been informed that their surgery had been finished by torchlight.”

No details were disclosed about what type of surgery was involved or how long power was out for.

The Gloucestershire Hospital NHS Trust admitted that it learned lessons from the “unique event”.

Despite admitting ambulances were placed on standby to transfer any affected patients, a spokesman denied patient care or safety were compromised.

“Powered suction only was temporarily lost in ICU, where specialist staff are fully trained to deliver manual suction when required,” he said.

“The Board Papers refer to a single patient in an operating theatre at the time of the incident. The operation itself had been completed and the patient was being closed after surgery.

“The patient was fully informed following the incident, but was in no danger at any time. Neonatal Intensive Care and SCBU were not affected.”

He added: “There was no compromise to patient care at any time.

“The Trust continues to work with specialist electrical contractors to ensure robust maintenance and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) testing regimes are in place.”

The incident occurred on a Saturday when few operations were being carried out.

‘Burglar’ arrested after getting bottom stuck in window

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Another burglar was left hanging by his shoelace after becoming trapped in 2008.

Firefighters had to remove the window frame at the house in east London to rescue the man who had been trapped for some time.

Police were called to the home in Tomlins Grove, Bow, after the householder spotted the man’s head and upper body poking through the window.

His legs were still dangling outside and it appeared his bottom had prevented the man from squeezing through completely.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: ”At 7.30am we were called to reports of a male found stuck in a downstairs window at a house in Tomlins Grove, Bow.

”It appears the resident had come down and found the man. He was stuck half in, half out.

”The man was eventually freed by London Fire Brigade who apparently removed the window frame.

”The man, aged 36, was unhurt and has been arrested on suspicion of burglary.”

The incident is being investigated by police at Bethnal Green.

A spokeswoman for London Fire Brigade said: ”We were called at 8.09am this morning and the incident was over by 8.37am.

”There were two crews from Bow Fire Station at the scene.

”We were just assisting the police.”

Scotland Yard said tonight that unemployed Paul Joseph Keenan, 36, of Rounton Road, Bow, had been charged with burglary. He will appear before Thames Magistrates’ Court tomorrow.

English professor ‘thrown out of Starbucks after objecting to corporate language’

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Lynne Rosenthal was ejected by three police officers after clashing with a barista about the firm’s ordering rules, which require customers to adopt marketing speak that many find artificial and cloying.

The academic, who is in her early 60s, particularly resented being to forced to state that she did not want butter or cheese on her bagel.

Many cafes ask customers whether they would like such extras with their orders in an attempt to boost takings.

She told the New York Post newspaper: “I refused to say ‘without butter or cheese.’ When you go to Burger King, you don’t have to list the six things you don’t want.

“Linguistically, it’s stupid, and I’m a stickler for correct English.”

Prof Rosenthal added: “The barista said, ‘You’re not going to get anything unless you say butter or cheese!’”

She claims the manager of the Starbucks on the Upper West Side of Manhattan called the police as the spat escalated. Officers threatened the customer with arrest unless she left the shop and agreed not to return.

Prof Rosenthal, who described the incident as “very humiliating”, said she had previously clashed with Starbucks staff over the terminology for specifying the size of her coffee – an issue that riles the chain’s customers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Instead of small, medium and large, Starbucks labels its cups tall, grande and venti.

The lexicon so annoys some coffee drinkers that McDonalds made a point of dropping the terms when it made a push into the hot drinks market in 2008.

A Starbucks staff member who witnessed the clash accused Prof Rosenthal of taking an aggressive tone. They said: “She would not answer. It was a reasonable question.”

A Starbucks spokesman said: “We are completely relaxed about how people order their coffee – and what they call the cups, there are no rules and customers have always been able to ask for drinks any way they want.”

Mysterious sonic booms near Seattle caused after violation of Obama airspace

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The military scrambled fighter jets, and the two sonic booms from the Air National Guard F-15s startled many people throughout the Puget Sound area.

The Cessna 180 float plane was flying to a seaplane base on Lake Washington, next to Seattle, from Lake Chelan, in eastern Washington, said Laura Joseph, a passenger on the plane from Normandy Park. She told The Associated Press that neither she nor the pilot, Lee Daily, knew about Mr Obama’s visit or the air restrictions that accompany such a high-profile trip.

The Secret Service interviewed Mr Daily after he landed at Kenmore Air on the north end of the lake, which had been shut down for the duration of the presidential campaign stop on Tuesday.

John Cornelio, North American Aerospace Defense Command spokesman, said the civilian aircraft had left the restricted area before the two jets arrived from the Portland, Oregon-based 142nd Fighter Wing and that there was no intercept. He confirmed the jets produced the sonic booms.

Miss Joseph said she saw an F-15 outside the window as the plane approached Seattle.

“I saw a jet, just a white jet going by,” she said. “I thought it was kind of odd to see a military jet.”

The fighter only passed by the float plane once and didn’t take any other action, she said.

She added that she and Daily didn’t know anything was wrong until they landed and were told they had to talk to the Secret Service.

Mr Obama was in Seattle to stump for Sen Patty Murray on a three-day campaign swing for endangered Democrats.

Air Force One was on the ground at King County International Airport/Boeing Field in south Seattle at the time of the incident shortly after 1:30 pm local time. The president’s plane departed Seattle at 3:47.

The two sharp booms, a few seconds apart, rattled windows in Seattle. Fire and police officials throughout the region said they were swamped with calls.