Recent News About the Sexual Abuse by More Than 300 Priests Re-Open the Problem of Christian Church

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Vulture priests have sexually abused about 1000 child victims, a report in the state of Pennslyvania reveals. The report done by a grand jury reveals in its reports revolving around six Catholic dioceses that around three hundred priests have been under watch and investigation in the state of Pennsylvania. To make it worse is that the number of innocent children victimized and molested could be on the thousands.

It is quite inhuman and unfair that the heads of these churches and this so-called men of God have never raised the alarm. Not one has tried to reveal the atrocities of these priests. So disappointing is the fact that these heads of churches and those under them are being protected and denying the innocent the justice they deserve.

The new jury goes ahead to reveal the church itself has the truth, and all that has happened in the states of Pittsburg, Erie, Allentown, Harrisburg, and Scranton is all hidden in diocesan reports. This is after in-depth investigation with the help of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI. The files encompass off tall the atrocities across the dioceses for the last 70 years since 1947.

In recent times, two dioceses in Pennslyvania has been the subject of discussion in the involvement in pedophilic sexual abuse allegations. The diocese namely Philadelphia and Altoona just joined the bandwagon of atrocious and vulture priest churches. The number of members of the clergy that has been revealed to be in Pennsylvania alone clocks 71.

A report by Pennslyvania on Tuesday by the same jury that there have been reports of sexual molestation in the Catholic Church but this acts of doom have gone beyond control. The worst scenario is that most of these cases or experience have happened many years ago and can be hard to come out with enough evidence to give justice. The good thing is that eventually most of the churches are coming forward to reveal the atrocious person and helping in the investigation to have them charged.

A recent news report by John Shapiro the AG of the Pennsylvania state exhaustively reveal the evils acts in the boy and girl child molestations.

Cases of rapes and molestation

Reports by the new grand juror go on to reveal that some sexual abuses by the clergy have been discovered. The church leaders, vulture priests, have devised ways of maximizing atrocities with less resistance from child victims.

The methods include:

  • Alcohol plying
  • Groping
  • Molestation
  • The vulture church religious professionals have been brutal anal, vaginal and oral rapes.

    The jury revealed a detailed report on cases that were beyond human thinking:

    A priest in Greensburg forges marriage certificates tying him to a teenage girl, 17, and divorces the girl after impregnating her. His ministry surprisingly pardons the priest with the help of a bishop. Another priest without shame tricks girls about Mary having to bite of cord and lick Jesus clean after labor.

    A priest in Harrisburg abuses five girls from a given family and even keeps samples of menstrual blood, pubic hair, and urine. In the same town, a priest takes advantage of a 7-year-old girl that had her tonsils snipped off and could not cry out for help.

    A priest in Pittsburg stalks and flirts a 15-year-old boy. His ministry on finding out still retains the priest for more years in the diocese.

    In Allentown, two priests sexually abused some boys. One of the priests is surprisingly recommended for work at Disney. In Scranton, an HIV positive priest gets jailed for sexually molesting children.

    Most of these victims have been found out to have entirely changed after undergoing atrocious acts in their childhoods. Some people never focused on their marriages and never showed affection to their wives and kids; some could not keep the memories off their heads even after many years passed.

    The Church is failing in giving justice to victims

    The Catholic church, for instance, is doing a great job in protecting its image instead of providing justice to the affected. The Pope is said to conceal most of the church’s involvement by having to keep most of the bad practices in secret. Even after the revelations, the Vatican fails to comment about the action they should take against vulture priests.

    Publication of Abuses Delayed

    Court blocks the release of investigation reports when the abusers say the investigations are misguided and that their rights were violated in the investigations. Four months ago Shapiro, AG Pennsylvania reached out to the pope with the hope of stopping priests involved from tampering with witnesses.

    Priest reveals the list of abusive clergy

    A leader of the dioceses of Pennsylvania in the first week of August reveals a list of all the clergy with reports of sexual misconduct. The bishop goes ahead to apologize for the atrocious cases of child sexual molestation in Pennsylvania.

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