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A real journalist is never out there to change your mind, but rather to share with you what is happening out there. With the current emergence of so many fake news sites, it is necessary to go through the best known, honest journalism and more real approaching sites which are credible for your citation use, and general knowledge. Below is a list:

1. The Associated Press

This press often reports the first stories, from which other outlets pick and run them for their readers. It is a non-profit, non-government funded, and has no corporate sponsorship. The site does not favour left or right view of the world and has been long known for accurate and reliable reporting. They are not famous for having any specific agendas.

2. The Economist

It is a publication that has existed for more than 150 years and has always possessed general trustworthiness regardless of its editorials having a clear political stance. The stance is ever liberal.

Economist is, in fact, the most trusted source in America, looking at it across both ideological spectrums. The poll is listed as the second most trusted news source in America, just like BBC.

3. BBC

BBC possesses a history of more than 90 years which is a well-earned reputation. It stands out in providing accurate information, unbiased reporting and a lot of Mini-Sites. All-Sides have classified it as a center news source. BBC has a received significant judgment in their own country.

4. Reuters

The name Reuters is familiar to many because their presence online has tremendously increased in the last years. Many also acknowledge that a lot of news stories credit Reuters just like the Associated Press because they are similar in that they both originated as wire news services, with the Associated Press being a non-profit venture.

5. CNN

CNN has always been known as a credible news source. The Morning Consult Firm has ranked it above Fox and MSNBC. CBS, ABC, and NBC have also been classified as reliable news sources by the firm.

6. The Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal's bias accusations always lean in a right direction. A number of people claim that its editorial pages are very conservative, but the site is famous for being accurate as far as newspapers are concerned, being a trusted source throughout the country. On the two sides of the ideological spectrum, it is a fairly trusted publication.

7. New York Times

It is probably the most famous newspaper globally, having been a credible source which meets journalism standards and integrity for an extended period now.

Other trustful news sources include:

8. National Public Radio (NPR)

9. Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)

10. C-Span

11. Brief. News

12. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

13. ProPublica

14. The Christian Science Monitor

15. USA Today

The list above gives one an idea on the most credible sources, and you should utilize them in your research for accurate information for your knowledge and assignments.

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