Real hare causes chaos at Australian greyhound race

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During a race meeting at Shepparton in the southern state of Victoria, a hare unwittingly ran on to the track in front of the racing pack of greyhounds.

Greyhound Ginny Lou spotted the interloper and peeled off from the pack to chase the hare, which managed to escape.

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After reviewing the official footage stewards declared the event a “no race”, according to Melbourne’s Herald Sun.

The $32,000 (£18500) that had been bet on the race was returned.

“Every time Ginny Lou sees a ball or something moving in the wind her ears prick up,” the dog’s trainer, Scott Stefanos, told the newspaper.

“So when she saw the hare, she chased it away and then ran back on to the track to finish the race.

“She was coming third before she saw it, but her little detour meant she ran last, not that it mattered in the end as it was called a ‘no race’.

“She’s pulled up really well and is as happy as Larry, wagging her tail this morning.”

The racetrack owners have sent several staff members to look for the hare. However it is not the first time that curious animals have wandered onto the track. Snakes and ducks have also paid the course a visit.

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