Manhatten skyscrapers switch off lights to reduce birds flying into them

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Disoriented by the bright lights, an estimated 90,000 birds a year die after crashing into the tower blocks as they migrate south for the winter.

NYC Audubon, a local ornithology group, has been calling on high-rise building occupants to dim or turn off their lights with night workers switching to desk lamps rather than brighter overhead lighting.

The Lights Out New York project, which is now in its fifth year, has persuaded landmark towers including the Chrysler Building and the Rockefeller Centre to take part this autumn.

According to a US study by the Field Museum in Chicago, the number of such bird deaths fell by 83 per cent when lights were switched off at night.

“We don’t know the true scope of the problem. Birds fall on to high floors, their bodies never reach the ground,” said Glen Phillips, NYC Audubon’s executive director.

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