K99 ice cream and other cool flavours for dogs (Reuters)

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LONDON (Reuters) – The world’s first ice cream van for dogs will open for business at a “pet party” in London’s Regent’s Park Saturday.

The van will serve canine-friendly flavours such as “Dog Eat Hog World” — a chicken and gammon sorbet — and “Canine Cookie Crunch,” a more traditional vanilla ice cream, albeit sprinkled with dog biscuits.

“The weather has been so hot, we thought dogs deserved a cooling treat as much as anyone else,” said Sally Bezant of event organiser Boomerang Pets Party.

She said a team of pet nutritionists had been through a complicated scientific process to determine the tastiest and safest flavours for the dogs’ dessert.

And although the unusual flavours were tested on a panel of dogs, they can be eaten by humans.

“It’s safe for humans … I’ve tried it myself,” she told Reuters, adding, perhaps diplomatically, that doggie ice-cream tasted “different.”

(Reporting by Alessandra Prentice; Editing by Steve Addison)

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