Sepp Blatter given embarrassing nickname on World Cup award

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Sepp Blatter was accidentally referred to as Bellend after an internet hoaxPhoto: GETTY IMAGES

The 74-year-old was recognised with the Order of The Companions of O R Tambo for his contribution over the World Cup.

However, an official website announcing the accolade referred to the Swiss as “Joseph Sepp Bellend Blatter”.

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It is thought that Blatter’s profile on Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, was targeted by pranksters who altered his name, which was then copied onto the government website.

Both websites have since been amended, removing the reference, which is a slang term for a penis.

The joke follows criticism of the football chief for refusing to allow goal-line technology in the tournament, which would have proved Frank Lampard scored against Germany.

Online football forums were awash with comments about the blunder after it spotted on the website for the South African presidency.

One England fan remarked: “It just goes to show that 50 million people are not wrong!”

Another added: “So is this the first official, presidentially sanctioned bellend in history?”

Blatter received his Gold award at a gala dinner on Monday South African President, Jacob Zuma.

The accolade is one of the country’s highest distinctions and is bestowed on foreign citizens for contributions to peace, co-operation and the active expression of solidarity and support.

Announcing the award, Mr Zuma said: “After FIFA awarded us the opportunity to host the 2010 FIFA World Cup on 15 May 2004, we embraced the tasks that you entrusted to us, working together as a nation.

“The hosting of the 2010 World Cup has helped us consolidate the gains we achieved after attaining freedom in 1994.”

Oliver Tambo was a former president in exile of the African National Congress (ANC) and played a significant role in mobilising international opposition to apartheid, setting up the first liberation movement missions in Egypt, Morocco, Ghana and London.

Accepting his award, Blatter said: “I just have to express my thanks but my emotions are now overcoming my voice.

“I’m touched by this honour. I would like to thank President Zuma and all the people of South Africa for this gesture. I take it for FIFA, the football family and my own family.”

Asked for a comment about the name blunder, a spokesman for FIFA’s Swiss HQ told The Sun: “I need to communicated the meaning of the word internally first.”

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