Half of women prefer to keep clothes on during sex

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According to the findings, some 48 per cent of females prefer not to bare all in bed, wearing at least one garment.

The reason – for 54 per cent of them – is to improve body confidence. But not all men approve.

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When asked whether they preferred a partner to retain an item of clothing, only 36 per cent of men said ”yes”.

And when it came to their garment of choice, negligees came out on top.

But the survey revealed most women would go for a bra.

The results showed 61 per cent of women claimed to prefer sex with the lights off, compared with just 37 per cent of men.

Andy Barr, marketing director at, said: ”This research has really unveiled how large a part clothes play when it comes to female body confidence.

”The fact that such a large proportion of women claim to feel sexier with an item kept on suggests that, whilst body confidence might be low, clothes can really improve a woman’s self-image.”

:: 1,563 people were polled for the study by

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