Google Street View captures man with two heads

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The two-headed man on Google Street View. Photo: GOOGLE

The appendage-gifted man, apparently a window cleaner, has been spotted in Hawes, Yorkshire by the Google Sightseeing blog. He can be seen in all his bicephalic glory in the embedded Street View below.

There are various theories regarding the provenance of the multi-limbed man. But the only sensible one is that he is in fact an ordinary man with the usual number of legs and heads, but that the Google Street View car took two images of that part of the street and he happened to be caught on the edges of both.

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Horse Boy, a mysterious horse-headed creature native to Aberdeen, has been spotted twice around the Scottish city, once with a schoolgirl companion. He was briefly removed from Street View before being reinstated, with no explanation.

He has since become an international phenomenon. Stefan Kleen from Germany said he met horse-boy at a festival: “He only spoke English so we didn’t really talk a lot to him.”

Google Street View, which is expected soon to cover more than 99 per cent of the UK’s roads, stretching to 238,000 miles, has been the subject of some controversy. The Australian communications minister described the service as “creepy”, saying it was the “single biggest breach of privacy in history.”

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