Hamas targets women’s underwear in modesty drive

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GAZA (Reuters) – The Islamist rulers of the Gaza Strip have ordered lingerie shops to display more modesty.

A week after banning women from smoking water pipes in public places, the Hamas-run police force has told stores selling women’s underwear to remove scantily-clad mannequins and any posters of racy undergarments.

“These measures have stemmed from complaints and pressure by ordinary people. They have to do with upholding our traditions,” police spokesman Ayman Al-Batniji said Wednesday.

Hamas leaders have repeatedly denied any intention to impose Islamic law on the Gaza Strip, home to 1.5 million Palestinians.

But Hamas police have broken up a hip-hop concert in the territory and tried — unsuccessfully — to force women lawyers in court and female school students to wear traditional Muslim clothing, a step that drew a public backlash.

Hamas’s modesty moves were widely seen by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip as attempts to mollify more conservative Islamic factions that have accused the movement of failing to uphold Islamic Sharia law.

(Writing by Nidal al-Mughrabi; Editing by Samia Nakhoul)

Nothing like imposing your will on someone else. If noone wanted or liked the displays, they would disappear on their own.

Jeffk1 Report As Abusive

On the other end, “France targets women’s overwear in secular drive” should be an integral part of your Oddly Ennough Report . I for one fail to see how a government that bars a particular form of dress is inherently any less oppressive than one which imposes.

By the way I don’t remember this ever making headlines on your Oddly Enough report: “Coriander no longer presents a threat to Israeli security.”

Darn! That was a good chance lost.

Rest assured, there are more oddities to come. Just check this out, how can people cheer for this:

Odd, isn’t it?

786daktari Report As Abusive

The oddity is that a bunch of fanatical men decided that women must cover their entire bodies because they apparently can’t trust themselves. Women wearing veils did not originate in the Quran or in true Islam. It was introduced by the Turks. Now, as for your comments about France. As for France, so many Islamic fanatics have left their own countries and flocked to Europe, especially France, that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to maintain security. When a person is completely covered there’s no way to identify who they are or even if they are male or female. Most women in Islamic nations prefer not to wear the veil, or burka. I’d say France’s law in this regards does not oppress but protects. The government does have the responsibility to create laws that protect and serve the common good of all. It’s time to step out of the dark ages.

Unity19 Report As Abusive

Unity19, almost each of your statements above is factually incorrect. Plus you’re not being civil (”dark ages”). Do you not have anything sensible to base your retort on?

AAKay Report As Abusive

AAKay, take your own advice here. Back up YOUR assertions with some facts. Give the world some reference documentation so those interested can learn something. And, on the comment about those covered head to toe. How does one ascertain the gender of a person one cannot see?
Consider this: A lack of response from you can only mean that you don’t know the “facts” or the “facts” don’t support your position. I do understand the absurdity of the previous sentence. Do you?

morgal48 Report As Abusive

Fashion police?? Must be trying to emulate the American position on abortion. Now there’s an example of imposing one’s will on others!

Doc00001 Report As Abusive

American position on abortion, hum, So you see imposing one’s will on someone who is imposing her will on someone who cant speak for themselves as a moral equivalent to objectional clothing rules. Talk about an non sequitur.

Claimsguy Report As Abusive

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