Hot weather shrinks size of German fries (Reuters)

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BERLIN (Reuters) – French fries in Germany could be significantly shorter this year due to the heatwave that has baked Germany and much of Europe this month, the German Farmers’ Association (DBV) said on Friday.

Hot and dry weather has led to a meagre harvest of extra-large potatoes used to produce the ideal-length French fry.

“The French fries industry and consumers will have to brace themselves for shorter fries,” said spokeswoman Verena Telaar, adding that smaller potatoes mean that fries will probably be 45 millimetres (1.8 inches) long at best, down from the usual 55 mm (2.2 inches).

Germany produces 11 million tonnes of potatoes a year, about 10 percent of which are turned into French fries.

(Reporting by Max Chrambach; Editing by Steve Addison)

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