‘Rabbit-fearing’ German teacher loses case against pupil

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The teacher had a fear of rabbits. Photo: Rex Features

The teacher claimed that the pupil was abusing her by playing on her fear of rabbits.

The court in Vechta, northern Germany declined to hear the complaint of the teacher, who was seeking an injunction against the 14-year-old girl to stop her from making the drawings or claiming the plaintiff had a paralysing fear of rabbits.

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“The plaintiff now has a month to appeal the verdict,” said Mechthild Beckermann, the court’s chief judge.

Witnesses had told the judge that the teacher ran sobbing out of the classroom when she saw the image of a rabbit on the blackboard.

The girl denied making the drawings.

Two years ago at another school, the teacher took a pupil to court and reached a settlement in which the teenager agreed never again to claim that the plaintiff “freaked out” when she saw a rabbit or heard the word.

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