Granny DJ plays first US gig

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Thanks for Retuning!

Grandmother Ruth Flowers played her set at Anaheim’s Electro Festival and praised her youthful followers, she said, “They want to touch me and kiss me and they throw me gifts, bracelets off their arm.

“I’ve had two red roses thrown at me by young men and I think that’s rather lovely for an old biddy like me.”

Flowers only became interested in becoming a disc jockey in 2005 when she attended a London nightclub for her grandson’s birthday.

In a previous interview with The Telegraph, Flowers described her first reaction to the nightclub, “It was frightfully noisy of course, and there were all these lights flashing.

“But what I realised was that these young people were just having so much fun.

“So I said to my grandson, ‘You know what darling, I could arrange things like this, for the local kids.’ And he said he thought that would be very cool.”

Five years on and Mamy Rock is quickly establishing herself as a top DJ, with a stream of bookings in both Europe and now the US. While in Los Angeles Flowers worked in the recording studio on her next single “69″, a nod to her age.


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