Giant hamburger cooked in Serbia

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The attempt was part of a citywide annual meat festival known locally as Rostiljijada, or Barbecue Week.

Leskovac, known for its rich culinary tradition, and situated some 155 miles south of the capital Belgrade, closes its streets to traffic for one week to make way for temporary grills stands and restaurants.

Locals and tourists alike could be seen enjoying the food and beer, some singing folk songs and playing flutes and drums.

One of the biggest highlights of the festival on Thursday was the creation by two local chefs of a big hamburger.

The chefs used 112 pounds of minced meat to make the burger, which measured 5 foot 3 inches in diameter and was 1 inch thick.

A special hamburger bun weighing around 64 pounds was custom-made for the event by a local bakery.

However Australian media reported in June this year that a Sydney restaurant owner made a meat pattie that was allegedly the biggest burger weighing 210 pounds.

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