German man dumps son on motorway 300 miles from home

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Photo: EPA

The grumpy dad had just collected his son from a summer camp in northern Bavaria but they argued and he pulled the car on to the hard-shoulder.

The man, who has not been named, ordered the teenager out and then drove off, leaving him with just five euros.

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Another motorist witnessed the argument and was told by the father: “I’m leaving him here for his own good. It’s to teach him a lesson.”

Officers took the chastened boy to a police station and rang his father in the Rhineland.

A Bavarian police spokesman said: “We phoned the father, who told us he was already at home. He eventually agreed to come and collect his son, and when he arrived they hugged and both said sorry for shouting at each other.”

But he added: “They may have settled their differences, but we shall still be informing social services that this child may be at risk.”

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