Cows given waterbeds to improve milk

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Cows, cattle in pasture, dairy cow The cattle can spend up to 18 hours a day on their specially-designed rubber beds and listen to classical music in the milking shed Photo: PHOTOLIBRARY

Cows at Brue Valley Farms, in Glastonbury, Somerset, are also treated to classical music in the milking shed.

The cattle can spend up to 18 hours a day lounging on their specially-designed rubber beds, which are cleaned and filled with 50 litres of fresh water every day.

Bosses at the farm, which has been producing Farmhouse Cheddar for half a century, say their unusual methods have helped to produce a better quality product.

Robert Clapp, Director of Herds, said: “In order to make the best possible cheese you need to be completely ‘cow centric.’

“It’s not about what is best for the farmer, but about what is best for the cow.

“Our herds enjoy top quality treatment and in return they create delicious, creamy milk that goes into producing the best quality Farmhouse Cheddar.”

The 35-year-old added: “We treat our cows as individuals and care for every aspect of their lives including socialising and comfort as well as obvious needs such as food and health care.”

To celebrate fifty years of cheesemaking, the team at Brue Valley Farms has developed an extra-mature Farmhouse Cheddar.

The new recipe will be sold exclusively in Marks and Spencer’s supermarkets.

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