Court bans sandwiches due to ‘missile’ fears

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High Wycombe Magistrates’ Court have banned sandwiches, crips and bottles of water Photo: PHOTOLIBRARY

Bottles of water and crisps are also prohibited at High Wycombe Magistrates’ Court because they pose a “health and safety hazard.”

Vistors to all courts around the country are searched by security staff for knives and weapons as they enter.

But staff at the court in High Wycombe have also been told to seize packed lunches.

Grieving families attending inquests into the deaths of loved ones were even told they could not bring in bottled water.

An official at the court said: “The concern is that people are going to use their food as a missile and fling it down the stairs at people.

“Apparently there have been incidents of lunches being thrown around in the past – so we have had to introduce these rules for everyone regardless of who they are or why they are here.”

One lawyer, who did not want to be named, said: “The new rules are ridiculous – soon they will be seizing our casework in case we want to throw that around as well.

“Not allowing visitors to bring in water is crazy because people are going to be boiling in this stuffy court on a hot day.

“Even primary school pupils are allowed to carry around their own lunches.A blanket ban on food and drink for everyone is political correctness so they cannot be seen to be targeting a minority who are going to abuse the building.”

Lynne Richardson, the court manager, said there had “always been” a no food policy upstairs.

“The policy is no food on the landing that has always been the case. The concern is water could be used as a missile,” she said. We have to take it off everyone – otherwise where do you draw the line?”

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