Benchmark crimes

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It is often claimed that the society has great influence in making the criminals which might be true with respect to the current condition in my neighborhood. Day to day residential burglary, assault cases, and insecurity has become the order of the day. Crime is termed as a punishable unlawful act.

The community that used to live in harmony has now become so hostile that nobody is willing to walk even during the day for the fear of being robbed. Everybody has been reduced to walking even those with cars. They are forced to keep their cars not in the neighborhood because they fear waking up and to find their cars driven off. Young energetic men capable of doing good jobs are everywhere in the streets holding guns like toys. This if how bad the insecurity, crimes, and generally moral decay has engulfed my society.

The rate of crime has become a menace faced by each household in the community. The government ought to have placed necessary measures immediately the first incidence was reported to make the community a better place to live in like it used to be some years ago. Unemployment is always associated with such unethical practices and if so is this because of unemployment? Are the security measures not enough?

It is often postulated that before you haul an insult at somebody by calling them names such as liars, thief and so on, one needs to substantiate her thinking before uttering the words and in relation to this, what are the causes of crimes? One thing am sure about is that nobody is born a criminal nor does people go school to be criminals and because of some conditions, people ends up committing crimes. Lack of faith in oneself makes some people consider crime as a cure.

These individuals do not believe in themselves that they can make it in life without creating havoc and commotion. Poor judgment because of improper education affects one's relation with other people and resorts to crimes. Poverty can lead somebody to steal. One thing they ought to learn is that crime is not a lasting solution to their problems and they need to bet something to do other than disturbing everyone’s peace in the neighborhood while they risk their life dearly. TV violence is another cause affecting the young generation. They believe in the stories criminals who managed to make it to the movies and try to make it the same way in life, and besides this, drugs.

The calmness, love, and harmony in the community can be restored back to normal when the correct measures are taken. The criminals did not drop from any alien planet; they are our brothers, sisters, neighbors or even friends. In a bid eradicate this vice, we need to mention or sue these people so that they can be helped because what they are living is not a lifestyle but suffering. The government and the relevant authorities should try tackling the condition of drugs and substance abuse in the community. Employment opportunities should be availed to the jobless to keep them busy capable of earning a living. Reshaping the educational institutions and systems, remodeling jurisdiction in the community can impact a change and make the criminals dependent. Proper punishment to the criminals should be employed to discourage the others who considers it as a job and may want to join.

Nobody can protect our homes better than we do, nor can the peace be brought to the community unless they decide to live in harmony. Apart from the government, it is for the members to fight against crime.

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