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Our website was founded to serve a new business leadership role, as we brace intelligent and creative journalism which is built for our users. We love to help our audience in navigating disruption in their various industries, as well as see around corners. We intend to develop fulfilling careers, alongside broadening our users' worldviews, while enjoying culture rich lives.

Our global economy coverage has been well-organized around vital obsessions which include questions of seismic significance to professionals in business and topics. Such issues give energy to our newsroom. We are inviting you in obsessing about such matters with us. Our crew is composed of more than 250 journalists around the globe.

To give you the best, our journalism is produced across large platforms, focusing on design, new storytelling forms, and user experience. Believing in a more connected and open world, we communicate in 47 various languages which reflect our global perspective.


As mentioned above, we are home to the best journalists and writers, and since there is a spotlight that accompanies the best, below is a brief biography of one of our writers:

Biography of Dave Barry


Dave is a professional writer who has profoundly built a career in writing politics and humor in nearly everything. He was born on 3rd July 1947 in New York. His career journey started out as one of our best reporters early in the 1970s, which was later developed to a newspaper columnist which provides our users with his take on important issues in the society.

Career and recent years

At its peak, Dave’s weekly column has been appearing in over 500 newspapers. In 1988, he proudly won the commentary Pulitzer Prize. He was chosen for his ‘consistent use of humor to present fresh insights into more serious concerns.' Upon retiring in 2005, Barry is still offering his writing skills to our website on individual columns occasionally, including his annual gift guide and review, and through multiple books such as ‘Lunatics’ and ‘Why Is There a Giant Eyeball on the Dollar?’.

Personal Life

Barry is married to Michelle Kaufman, with whom he lives in Southern Florida with their daughter Sophie. From his previous marriage, Dave has a son named Robert. He is also a part of a band playing in The Rock Bottom Remainders, with literary figures such as Mitch Albom, Stephen King, and Amy Tan.

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