Chemistry professor’s office foiled

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Scott Bur found that everything, including individual pens, had been wrapped in the foil upon returning from vacation Photo: AP

Scott Bur, an Associate Professor at Gustavus Adolphus College, in Minnesota, USA, found that everything, including individual pens, had been wrapped in the foil upon returning from vacation.

Prof Bur said that the prank is somewhat of a yearly tradition. Previously students have turned his office into a pirate ship while last year they draped his office in pink.

Admitting that the attention to detail was “overwhelming”, he said: “Every book was individually wrapped. Not only was a box of Kleenex wrapped, but an individual tissue was wrapped and put back in the box for effect. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.”

One student admitted that it took 10, 200-foot rolls of foil to complete their task.

Prof Bur, who has not yet removed the foil as he has deadlines to meet, said the student had outdone themselves, but he added: “I pulled my share of pranks when I was younger.”

Naked woman falls through roof

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Two fire engines, three ambulances and several police cars were called to the building Photo: NEWSLINE SCOTLAND

Eyewitnesses reported the pair “rolling about” in the nude on top of a four-storey building in Aberdeen city centre before she fell through the slates.

Two fire engines, three ambulances and several police cars were called to the scene at around 11am, as crowds of shoppers looked on in amazement.

The busy road was closed for more than an hour as firefighters broke into the Bridge Street building, which houses a mixture of flats, shops and restaurants, and searched for the pair.

The woman, believed to be in her 30s, was led out by paramedics with mud and cuts on her face and taken to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in an ambulance.

A man, thought to be in his mid-20s, was led out by police officers 30 minutes later and driven off in the back of a police car. Both were dressed by the time they emerged.

Two shocked joiners, who were working in the building, raised the alarm after they saw the couple attempting to break into an adjoining premises.

One of the workmen, who didn’t want to be named, said: “We couldn’t believe our eyes. We were both working to secure one of the empty premises when we see these two folk naked at the window.

“I don’t know how they accessed that part of the building, but they were rolling about the roof naked. They had mud all over them.

“Then I saw the lassie falling through the roof. It’s full of asbestos.”

The other joiner added: “They looked crazy. It was one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen.”

A Grampian Police spokesman confirmed the woman “appeared to be okay”.

Pet insurance is no laughing matter

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Vet fees can be astronomical – they are rising by 12pc a year. Not surprisingly, many vets have had to put down pets because owners could not afford the cost of treatment. Many have also experienced situations where owners have rejected a recommended treatment or operation because they could not afford it.

It makes sense to get cover, but pet insurance can be complicated because there are so many different types of policy. For example, Lloyds TSB offers 16 policies and Petplan 13 policies for dogs alone.

The key is deciding on the level of cover you want – or need – and it will probably boil down to the amount of cover for vet fees. Many of the cheaper policies, for instance, will cover a condition for a year or so, but no more.

You should also check exclusions, which could include vaccinations, neutering and worming, behaviour problems, travel abroad and illnesses arising within 10-30 days of the policy’s start date.

There tend to be three types of pet insurance cover available: per condition with a time limit, per condition, and lifetime policies.

“The main points to consider when choosing between pet insurance policies are whether claims are paid out on a per-condition or per-policy-year basis; the maximum vet fees per incident; the maximum vet fees per policy year; and the time limit for treatment after the first occurrence,” said David Black of Defaqto, the financial analyst.

Mr Black said a “per condition with a time limit” policy usually provided a set vet fee limit within a 12-month period. For example, a policy with a vet fee limit of £3,000 and a time limit of 12 months means that the policy would pay up to £3,000 for the cost of treatment for a condition, or provides a 12-month time limit for the treatment to be given.

Once the limit has been reached, no further cover is given for the condition concerned. Unsurprisingly, this compromise means that a per condition policy with a time limit is likely to be the cheapest option.

On the other hand, per condition policies provide cover for a set vet fee limit, but do not apply a time limit for the length of the treatment. For example, my Sainsbury’s policy pays up to £7,500 for the cost of treatment for a condition but the time is unlimited.

So-called lifetime policies are the most comprehensive and the most expensive. Your pet is covered for its life for any illness or injury, up to a maximum amount each year. Although this type of cover will cost more, it is suitable for long-term, ongoing conditions and provides owners with maximum peace of mind.

Some policies go that bit further. For example, Petplan’s Supreme policy is a lifetime policy with unlimited vet fees.