Tiger on the loose in South African neighborhood (AP)

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12 mins ago

JOHANNESBURG – Police are warning residents of a South African neighborhood against approaching a 17-month-old Bengal tiger that escaped from its owners.

Police say the tiger named Panjo broke open the canopy of a truck carrying it and jumped free early Tuesday in the Delmas district, 70 kilometers (40 miles) southeast of Johannesburg.

Panjo’s owner Rose Farreira told local media Panjo was tame but warned that Panjo may attack unfamiliar people. She says the tiger could turn aggressive if it had been hurt in its escape.

Panjo remained on the run Tuesday evening. A helicopter was deployed after one report of a sighting later Tuesday. But as dusk fell Panjo, hand-reared from a cub, had not been found.

Tigers are not native to South Africa.

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Union soldier's headstone corrected after decades (AP)

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1 hr 35 mins ago

VALLEJO, Calif. – The headstone of a former slave and Union soldier no longer identifies him as a member of the Confederate army, after his family failed to notice the error for years.

More than 100 of Samuel Brown Sr.’s surviving descendants and Civil War buffs in period dress gathered at Vallejo’s Sunrise Memorial Cemetery on Saturday for the dedication of his new headstone.

Brown was born into slavery in Georgia in 1833. He joined the Union Army after he was emancipated and served for about one year. How the 90-year-old was buried under a Confederate headstone at the Northern California cemetery remains unknown.

A cemetery employee spotted the mistake and contacted the Sons of Union Veterans.

The memorial organization held the dedication with the American Civil War Association, a war-reenactment group.


Information from: San Francisco Chronicle, Original article

Man finds $4,800 in pot in auction painting (AP)

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1 hr 40 mins ago

CANTON, Ga. – A Cherokee County man found a hidden treasure in a painting he bought at an auction: four pounds of marijuana. Gordon Clement, 80, discovered the pot stashed inside of the painting, which he bought at a post office auction about five years ago. He found the drugs last weekend when he tried to sell the artwork at another auction.

Clement planned to ask $25 for the piece. Police said the marijuana was worth about $4,800.

Alarmed, he called his lawyer and turned the painting over to authorities.


Information from: WSB-TV, Original article

Woman uses railroad spike to battle intruder (AP)

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31 mins ago

POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. – When an intruder came into her home, Stephanie Molina grabbed the first thing she could find to fight him off — a railroad spike. It worked, and police followed the trail of blood to the suspect’s apartment.

The Southeast Missourian reported that Molina was at their Poplar Bluff apartment early Friday when a man began shouting outside their door, saying, “Jerry, you owe me money.” Molina said the didn’t know anyone named Jerry.

Police said 45-year-old Glen Waltman kicked in the door, grabbed Molina and hit her. She picked up the spike and fought back.

Police followed the blood trail to Waltman’s apartment in the same building. He was arrested after struggling with police.

It wasn’t clear if Waltman had an attorney. He was charged with burglary and robbery.


Information from: Southeast Missourian, Original article

NZ teenager survives fall from 16th storey balcony (Reuters)

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Sun Jul 25, 11:07 pm ET

WELLINGTON (Reuters) – A 15-year-old New Zealand boy has survived with minor injuries after falling 16-storeys from the balcony of his family’s apartment onto a concrete floor, New Zealand media reported on Monday.

The New Zealand Herald said the teenager fell about 50 meters off the balcony, dropping through a carpark roof that may have broken his fall before he hit the concrete. Another tenant raised the alarm after seeing the boy fall past his window.

The newspaper said medical experts were amazed that the boy survived as few people managed to live if they plunged from more than five storey’s.

The teenager was described as in a stable condition in an Auckland hospital with a broken wrist, broken rib, gashed leg and internal injuries, the New Zealand Herald reported.

“God must have been with him. He’s got an angel looking after him, that’s for sure,” housekeeper Kaa Wehi, who was working in the building at the time, told the newspaper.

(Writing by Belinda Goldsmith, Editing by Gyles Beckford)

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