Who Can Write My Essay for Me?

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Writing an essay isn’t for everyone. But when you are in school, you’ll have to write one. And you won’t be writing an essay once or twice only. You’ll have to write several ones in the span of four years of your college.

That said, it’s either you learn how to write your essay, or you find someone to do this for you.

Academic Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is when someone does the work, but you get to keep the rights. Both parties agree to this situation since the ghostwriter is paid for the job.

This doesn’t just exist in digital marketing or the real world. There are also academic ghostwriters that offer custom writing services to students. This practice is rather common even before writing services became a thing.

Back then, students will ask a friend or a family member to write it for them. At the time, payment is not a big deal.

Today, students have the chance to get expert writers to write essays for them. There’s no need to ask family members “will you write my essay for me?” Instead, you can log in on the internet and find a custom essay writing service to help you.

Of course, you have to pay for the service. These companies can charge per hour, per word, per page, or have a fixed price for your paper. But you do have to get your wallet ready since it won’t be a cheap service.

Remember that the harder the paper, the more expensive it will be. Additionally, you also have to consider the deadline. They can provide you an essay in at least three hours. But this will be more expensive given the time constraints.

Who Writes the Essays?

If you hired a writing service, they normally have a roster of writers to deal with customers’ requests. These people are experienced academic writers or those who specialize in academic writing. This includes essays, book and movie reviews, research papers, and more.

Basically, they can do everything you need for your studies.

Academic writers have different writing skills than most writers. They use formal tones unlike bloggers and creative writers who often use jargon, slang words, and idiomatic expressions. Their language is also much cleaner and more precise.

In addition, academic writers research more on what they need to write. However, they do have background knowledge on the subject or the topic.

For example, your essay is for your history subject. The writer that will be given to you specializes in history. That’s important as the more you are interested and knowledgeable in the subject, the easier it is to write.

Are the Essays Edited?

Most of the time, yes. The company will have to edit the essay before they can send it out to you. After all, you’re paying a real sum for a couple or so of pages. You at least should see no grammatical and spelling errors, or else, it’s a waste of money.

With that said, it’s essential that you do your research when finding a writing service. Make sure their work is of the best quality. You can check out customer reviews left by their past clients to know. If you can get a referral from a friend or classmate, the better.

But you can also write your own essay. In fact, it’s better that you do so your professor can gauge your level of expertise and what you have learned. Then, you can still go to these writing services and have it edited.

Most of these services also provide editing services. They can check your paper and make the necessary changes to make it a better one.

How Do I Find the Right Fit for Me?

There are many writing services out there that can provide what you need. But who do you choose?

Below are some of the things you should consider in finding the right writing service for you:

Cost of Services

First of all, check how much it will cost you to get the paper you need. They normally have a calculator that you can use. This will give you a rough estimate of how much you’ll pay for a paper.

There will be factors that can change the cost. The type of paper, the difficulty, the deadline, and its length. Some may also have additional fees for the editing. Be sure you are on the lookout for possible hidden charges.

If you can, talk to a representative so you can get your estimate.

Quality of Work

It will be hard to know the quality of their work as they won’t have samples on their site. However, you can check online for customer reviews. Know what they say about their writing quality.

Are there errors, specifically grammar and spelling errors? If there are, move on to the next company. A great writer isn’t perfect, but he or she knows how to double-check his or her work for possible errors. Additionally, there are online tools that can help these writers find and fix errors.

Apart from the errors, how is their overall work? Do the sentences make sense? Is the flow good? Is it well-researched?


The most important consideration is originality. You have to ensure that the writing service you choose offers original works. You can get in trouble if your professor finds out it has been plagiarized.

Check their terms and services. It should indicate that their workers provide original work only.

You can also check for yourself. Once you receive your essay, run it through an online plagiarism checker. These tools will let you know if sections have been copied off of someone’s work.


If possible, do your essay. But if circumstances isn’t in your favor and you need to pass an essay, find a reliable writing service. If you have to contact them, always choose to call them. Gauge how their representative talks, and ask them questions. This way, you can get a “feel” of how the company works.

Angela Merkel's Word Choice Stirs Internet Reaction

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It’s not unusual to have a word with one meaning in a language, and a totally different meaning in another language. Whereas some words can be translated and adapted into another language, they often lose their original meaning and take another. This is how Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, was able to cause a reaction on the internet, and not only. Not to mention, translation is not that easy, and not all words can be easily translated – a thing the best online translation services always strive to do nonetheless.

At a technology conference that took place last year, Angela Merkel used a word that has its own meaning in German, while its English meaning is quite vulgar. Although the internet exploded, Ms. Merkel didn’t mean it in a bad way. Given she is known as a politician with no drama, the use of the word came as an even bigger shock, which is why the reaction was so huge.

What Happened?

In 2018, Angela Merkel attended a technology conference where she dropped the word. She was talking about an incident that took place some years ago, where she was mocked online for describing the interned as some “uncharted territory”. Talking about the backlash, Ms. Merkel remembers it in a funny light.

She chuckled, after which she declared “Das hat mir einen grosen Shitstorm eingebracht” which, in English, translates to “It generated quite a shitstorm for me.”

It’s known that the word is meant in a vulgar way in English, so the internet didn’t hesitate to comment on its usage by the Chancellor. It generated its own storm, given it’s unusual for the word to be used by someone who’s staying away from drama and preserves a good public image.

But while the word has been adapted into German, it has a totally different meaning in the language. The word is described in the Duden dictionary of the German language. Basically, it means something like “a storm of outrage on the internet”, in other words, the backlash one creates on social media.

This event is not isolated. Angela Merkel used the world earlier too, specifically in 2012. During a discussion with David Cameron in Berlin, the Chancellor mentioned she had to deal with a “shitstorm” after she dealt with southern Europe when it was affected by the crisis.

While many people were in utter disbelief that Merkel could use this word, some had funny reactions. David Simon said “These guys gave a word for everything” after wondering why the Germans didn’t create their own term for the word. Meanwhile, Anne McElvoy posted on Twitter “I can die happy now that Merkel has used the word”.

Some have had different reactions. Michael Steen, who works for the European Central Bank as the head of media relations, wrote about it on Twitter too. Apparently, he tried to explain to his German colleagues that the usage of the word “isn’t really ok in English.”

How Did the Word Enter the German Language?

The first time the word has gotten attention in the German language was in 2010. By then, it started referring to the outrage people express on the internet, mostly on social media platforms, where they’re voicing their opinions. Because it became so popular, it made its way to the top and earned its place into the German vocabulary.

The word’s adoption into Duden happened in 2013, though. The dictionary states that the word originates from English, but with a different meaning.

What Do the Linguists Think?

The linguists find it really interesting how casually the word is used in German, despite having vulgar connotations in English. Given the word has been taken out of its original context, it’s not acceptable to use it in another language, as vulgarity has been taken away from it.

Many are unaware of how the word became something so normal in German, and how it managed to join the dictionary. Some think that it’s simply because Germans saw it being thrown around on the internet during heated arguments, and adopted it. Others think the author John Irving was the one introducing the word. Back in 2006, he used the word referring to the backlash occurring after Gunter Grass, a Nobel laureate, declared that he used to be active as a Waffen-SS member during World War II.

Final Thoughts

A lot of words can be borrowed from other language and given a new meaning – as is the case with “shitstorm” being adapted into German. But when there’s not too much information about the matter, and the word has a bad or vulgar meaning, people are bound to have a mass reaction. Angela Merkel has seen this with her own eyes.

Hopefully, her future use of the word will not be seen as something bad.

How to Write a Literature Review for an Undergraduate Dissertation

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Life as an undergraduate is all fun and freedom until you get to the unit that asks you to write an undergraduate dissertation. It is during such times that you never want to go out with your friends because you have to work hard and finish the dissertation on time. Chapter two of the dissertation which is the literature review usually needs some stretching of the brain muscles and a lot of research so that you can bring out the best. So, if you have been wondering how to write a literature review for an undergraduate dissertation, we can help you work on that.

Most of our writers have proven that you can write a literature review in a day. That though needs utmost dedication that has been instilled in our writers who have been doing it for a long time now. Our literature review writing service is the best on this planet. Our testimonials on the website are an affirmation to that. If something is not of standard quality, we would rather decline the work than do it in a not-so-pleasing manner.

Here are the services that we offer:

  • Research
  • The literature review itself is part of the research work. It is the heftiest area to research on; therefore it needs so much work when tasked to do a literature review for dissertation. The seriousness you put while doing this work will determine the outcome of the dissertation. And, since you pay for literature review at our website, we have to put all the effort and work so hard so that we give you what you want to see.

    Don't forget to let us know if your instructor was proud of your work; if he wasn't, please let us know as well so that we can understand what areas we need to improve on. Researching is one way you can never escape when you are trying to find out how to do literature review for dissertation.

  • Proofreading
  • No instructor ever wants to read a literature review that is full of mistakes that could have been corrected by just proofreading the work. You, therefore, have to be careful when looking out for services. You don't just say; can someone write my literature review yet they don't have proofreading as one of the services that they offer. That is why we will always recommend us to any student who wishes to have the most excellent literature review that has ever been written. So, when you contact us that hey, my name is (insert your name) and I can't write my literature review, we will be glad to help you out.

  • Re-Packaging the Work
  • Sometimes, we may not bring out the best of what you wanted. Especially when you fail to give us all the details of what areas you want to be stressed while writing the literature review. When you say that I want someone to write my literature review for me without giving the details of what you want to be included in your literature review, and then we will work based on our knowledge which may not augur well with you. That is the reason why you should give out all the essential details when you are writing to us. If your instructor asked you to put much weight on something, it is prudent that you let us know so that we can work well on the first draft. But, if that does not happen, we can do a second draft for you at a fee. To avoid such penalties, we'd rather you let us know all we need to know so that we can work on it as required.

    Experts that Know How to Do Literature Review for Dissertation

    Our services and more especially the fact that we are an affordable website that gives writing services should give you a reason to contact us anytime you feel that you need someone to help you out on writing a literature review or any other form of writing that we offer. Our literature review service, has several offers that may interest you especially if you are a student and writing has never been your cup of tea.

    Canadian Prisons Failure to Successfully Rehabilitate Inmates

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    Canadian prisons are used for the purpose of confining offenders who have been convicted of committing serious crimes in the society. They are aimed at ensuring that the offenders correct their awful behaviors so that they become better persons at the end of the confinement period, who can promote the growth the economy in different aspects. In spite of the effort by the government and relevant bodies such as Correctional Service Canada to be able to rehabilitate these offenders fully, there have been challenges that have hindered the full rehabilitation of prisoners. Some of these problems include inadequate health care for offenders such as those who practice drug and substance abuse, increased cases of offenders with mental health problems, increased incidence of infectious diseases, aging offender population and increasing women population among others. Also, there has been increased numbers of gangs and criminal organizations as well as the Aboriginal population in the prisons. These problems have hindered the full reintegration of inmates in the Canadian prisons. In summary, Canadian prisons have failed to succeed fully in rehabilitating offenders as discussed below.

    As time goes by, the number of old people in the Canadian prisons have continued to increase as shown by the Canadian demographics. The Correctional service Canada is, therefore, facing the challenge of having to take care of elderly people in prison. Older offenders especially those above the age of fifty years need specialized care such as improved medical care. Also, they require specialized needs in the areas of accessibility and mobility, adjustment to incarceration, peer and family relationships as well as conditional release. Older people are frequently attacked by chronic problems such as diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases and poor eyesight. As the offenders get older, they also start to fear that they may end up dying in prison, and this disrupts their thinking. Also, the range of activities that these old offenders can engage in is limited since they are less energetic. These challenges have prevented the Correctional Service Canada from timely rehabilitating the older employees. This clearly shows that at the end, many employees leave prison even at their old age having not being fully rehabilitated from their initial status.

    On the other hand, overcrowding in Canadian prisons has become rampant in both male and female prisons . This has led to situations where rooms meant for one inmate are used by two or more people. As a result, the prison environment becomes unfavorable and unsuitable for the inmates. In addition, due to overcrowding, the inmates develop other characters such as violence against each other. According to one of the most interesting essays on social justice, this is because all of them want to live comfortably. The mental health of the inmates may also worsen due to overcrowding. This makes them worse as opposed to providing them with correctional measures to help them be fully rehabilitated. As a result, the inmates are let in a poorer state than their initial state when getting to prison. This has questioned the effectiveness of the rehabilitation process in the Canadian prisons. This shows the need for measures to be taken to address the challenge of overcrowding in prisons.

    The need for quality health care for the inmates is also a major challenge in the Canadian prisons. There is minimized health care in the Canadian prisons due to factors such as an increase in offender in the population of offenders, reduced number of health care professionals to cater for the needs of the inmates as well as increased costs in handling the health affairs of the inmates. Due to these factors, the offenders get inadequate access to proper medical, mental as well as dental care. This further slows the process of reintegration and rehabilitation of the offenders. As a result of reduced health care, there has been an increased incidence of mental health problems, substance abuse, infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS as well as chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. The Correction Service Canada is also faced with the challenge of keeping proper health records for the inmates. This has made it difficult to have a follow-up of inmates' health status. This has also contributed to the worsened health conditions among the employees. Research has also shown that as time goes by, the number of offenders with mental health problems in Canadian prisons increases at a higher rate than in the normal outside population. This has therefore questioned the rehabilitation process of Canadian prisons since these numbers are expected to relatively decrease rather than increase. On the other hand, drug and substance abuse has also shown to increase in the Canadian prisons. Drug and substance abuse has negative effects on the health of the inmates as well as encourages the inmates to participate in awful practices such as participating in gay practices while in prison. In general, inadequate health care has therefore shown to be a major block to the process of rehabilitation in the Canadian prisons.

    The increased population of Aboriginal population has also been a major hindrance to the success of the rehabilitation process of Canadian inmates.Some of the characteristics of the Aboriginal population include; they have served other youth and adult sentences, have higher risk and need ratings in areas such as substance abuse and employment, have more health problems such as mental health problems and have affiliations with different groups of gangs. In addition, these Aboriginal offenders have challenges in reintegrating into the community. Instead, they end up being enemies to the community members as opposed to the expected friendly relations with the community as a whole. This has made them engage further in crime activities in the society and ends up in the prison again. The recurrent entry into prison among these Aboriginal offenders has truly shown that the periods they spend in prison are not of any help to them. Also, the fresh offenders who enter prison for the first time are initiated into the bad practices of the Aboriginal offenders. As a result, the bigger population of inmates in the Canadian prisons has been characterized by increased ignorance and lack of the need to change. This has made the Canadian prisons be, therefore, considered as centers of training offenders to commit much more crime instead of correcting their behaviors. As a result, the public and society have been concerned about this worrying trend. This has raised a lot of questions about the role of Canadian prisons in rehabilitating and reintegrating the inmates. This shows the need for interventions to correct this state in the Canadian prisons.

    On the other hand, there has an alarming increase of dangerous and violent offenders in addition to increased gang organizations in prisons. It has become a challenge to handle offenders from gang organizations since they tend to be violent even to the Canadian prison staff. Also, gang organizations pose some challenges to the Criminal Service Canada such as participating in drug distribution in the prisons and recruiting new members in the prisons to join their gangs. They also intimidate the staff as well as try to be involved in corrupt practices with the staff. These individuals do not care about the consequences of their actions or even the magnitude of their sentence. The increased ratios of these dangerous and violent offenders have caused increased risks to the society since even confinement does not change the character of these kinds of inmates. The capacity of maximum capacity prisons has also continued to increase as days go by thus questioning the effectiveness of the rehabilitation process in the Canadian prisons.

    Inadequate timely and safe release of offenders is also a major challenge facing Canadian prisons. Many offenders released from the Canadian prisons have limited skills, limited savings and have very little chances of employment (O’Hear, Michael and Wheelock 280).The little skills are as a result of limited training while in prison for the purpose of acquiring proficient skills to be used when they leave prison. As a result, the offenders who leave prison have very low employment opportunities in the society and lack a source of income to meet their daily and long term needs. These offenders who have left prison also face rejection and neglect from the society because of the crimes they committed. This further worsens their situation in the society they get in to and this makes them to be tempted to result to vices such as theft or other dangerous activities they used to engage in. Equally, these offenders if it challenging to fail to indulge in substance and drug abuse since they are used to consuming these drugs in the prisons. As a result, their health status becomes worse and in addition, this further accelerates their desire to commit dangerous crimes in the society. The high prevalence of these crimes committed by persons who were formerly inmates has raised an alarm among many people in the rehabilitation process of Canadian prisons. This has shown to support the fact that Canadian prisons have not yet succeeded in rehabilitating the inmates.

    Based on the findings above, it is evident that the Canadian prisons have not been able to rehabilitate successfully the inmates in the prisons. The following recommendations would, however, enhance their ability to be able to effectively rehabilitate the employees. To address the challenge of mental health, there should be the introduction of clinical mental health screening for the offenders who are getting into the Canadian prisons. The implementation of primary mental health care in the Canadian prisons such as mental health counseling, support as well as treatment will promote the mental health of the inmates. Also, an increment in the number of clinical staff dealing with the mental problems of inmates will enhance an improved mental health of the inmates. A voluntary immunization program for the inmates against diseases such as Hepatitis –C will promote their health since the chances of infection are limited. The effective implementation of a Correction Service Canada's HIV/AIDS prevention will promote education, prevention, care, treatment and support of the inmates in the Canadian prisons. Regular Tuberculosis screening and surveillance should also be conducted in the prisons in Canada to ensure that the inmates are free of tuberculosis while in prison. To reduce the supply of drugs, there should be intensified searching of the persons’ visiting prison through the use of metal detectors and drug detection drugs. There should also be the intensified and frequent searching of the buildings in prison to identify the channels thorough which drugs get into prison. Regular urinalysis of some of the inmates in prison to check the drug and substance level in urine would also help to reduce the incidences of drug and substance abuse.

    To address the needs of the older inmates, separating them from other younger inmates would enhance a better recognition of their needs.This is because it is possible to set up programs that cater to their special needs such as increased medical care. In addition, separation of older inmates from the young ones will enable the prison staff to give guidance and counseling to the older inmates and encourage them to avoid fears such as those of dying in prison. This will enable them to be able to appreciate themselves better and feel as being part of the larger society (O’Hear, Michael and Wheelock 260)

    To address the challenge of the increasing dangerous and violent populations, there should be intensified training of staff to handle criminals who have been previously in gang organizations. Standardized processes should be put in place to identify criminal organizations in the whole of Canada together with their sponsors and equipment suppliers. Involving the public in identifying these groups will also enhance a quicker identification of the dangerous groups. Once the gangs have been identified with the support of the public, they should be secluded from the rest of the rest of the inmates where they are given specialized attention and treatment to rehabilitate them. In addition, separation of these dangerous offenders from the rest of the inmates reduces the chances that they will negatively influence the other inmates and lure them to bad acts (Ricciardelli 30). Intensive guidance and counseling should also be given to the offenders from criminal gangs and organizations to make them have changed attitudes and perceptions about life. This may promote a positive change of attitude and as a result, they may become instruments of change to other offenders who are not willing to change their negative acts

    On the other hand, there should be the establishment of more confinement centers for the offenders to handle the issue of overcrowding in the prisons. The increase in the number of prisons in Canada will ease the problem of overcrowding in the prisons. As a result, there will be reduced incidence of increased violence due to overcrowding. In addition, the offenders will not have self-neglect since they feel that their needs are catered for while still in addition, more confinement centers will promote better living conditions such as proper air circulation which prevents the spread of tuberculosis. As a result, incidences of tuberculosis and other viral diseases will reduce in prison thus ensuring a conducive prison environment. This will contribute towards an effective rehabilitating system. All the recommendations stated above will lead to a better rehabilitation program.


    In conclusion, from the discussion above it is clear that rehabilitation of inmates in the Canadian prison has not been achieved. This is because the Canadian prisons are faced with challenges such as overcrowding in prisons, increased number of dangerous and violent offenders, increased number of Aboriginal population as well as inadequate health care among the inmates. An aging offender population is also increasing among the Canadian population which is becoming a major challenge to the Correction Service Canada. However, with the recommendations highlighted above such as the increment in the number of prisons to reduce overcrowding and violent in prisons will facilitate the rehabilitation of inmates. Also, the provision of better medical, mental and dental services to the inmates through services such as screening for tuberculosis and the provision of clinical health mental problems will improve the health status of the inmates. Handling criminal organizations and gangs separately in prison from the rest of the inmates will also reduce the incidences of the recruitment of more individuals into the dangerous groups. Also, special treatment to these groups for example through intensified counseling and training them on other skills will enhance their rehabilitation process. The recommendations will, therefore, make the process of rehabilitation and reintegration in the Canadian prison more successful. Thus, the statement that the Canadian prisons have not succeeded in rehabilitating inmates is justified.

    Recent News About the Sexual Abuse by More Than 300 Priests Re-Open the Problem of Christian Church

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    Vulture priests have sexually abused about 1000 child victims, a report in the state of Pennslyvania reveals. The report done by a grand jury reveals in its reports revolving around six Catholic dioceses that around three hundred priests have been under watch and investigation in the state of Pennsylvania. To make it worse is that the number of innocent children victimized and molested could be on the thousands.

    It is quite inhuman and unfair that the heads of these churches and this so-called men of God have never raised the alarm. Not one has tried to reveal the atrocities of these priests. So disappointing is the fact that these heads of churches and those under them are being protected and denying the innocent the justice they deserve.

    The new jury goes ahead to reveal the church itself has the truth, and all that has happened in the states of Pittsburg, Erie, Allentown, Harrisburg, and Scranton is all hidden in diocesan reports. This is after in-depth investigation with the help of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI. The files encompass off tall the atrocities across the dioceses for the last 70 years since 1947.

    In recent times, two dioceses in Pennslyvania has been the subject of discussion in the involvement in pedophilic sexual abuse allegations. The diocese namely Philadelphia and Altoona just joined the bandwagon of atrocious and vulture priest churches. The number of members of the clergy that has been revealed to be in Pennsylvania alone clocks 71.

    A report by Pennslyvania on Tuesday by the same jury that there have been reports of sexual molestation in the Catholic Church but this acts of doom have gone beyond control. The worst scenario is that most of these cases or experience have happened many years ago and can be hard to come out with enough evidence to give justice. The good thing is that eventually most of the churches are coming forward to reveal the atrocious person and helping in the investigation to have them charged.

    A recent news report by John Shapiro the AG of the Pennsylvania state exhaustively reveal the evils acts in the boy and girl child molestations.

    Cases of rapes and molestation

    Reports by the new grand juror go on to reveal that some sexual abuses by the clergy have been discovered. The church leaders, vulture priests, have devised ways of maximizing atrocities with less resistance from child victims.

    The methods include:

  • Alcohol plying
  • Groping
  • Molestation
  • The vulture church religious professionals have been brutal anal, vaginal and oral rapes.

    The jury revealed a detailed report on cases that were beyond human thinking:

    A priest in Greensburg forges marriage certificates tying him to a teenage girl, 17, and divorces the girl after impregnating her. His ministry surprisingly pardons the priest with the help of a bishop. Another priest without shame tricks girls about Mary having to bite of cord and lick Jesus clean after labor.

    A priest in Harrisburg abuses five girls from a given family and even keeps samples of menstrual blood, pubic hair, and urine. In the same town, a priest takes advantage of a 7-year-old girl that had her tonsils snipped off and could not cry out for help.

    A priest in Pittsburg stalks and flirts a 15-year-old boy. His ministry on finding out still retains the priest for more years in the diocese.

    In Allentown, two priests sexually abused some boys. One of the priests is surprisingly recommended for work at Disney. In Scranton, an HIV positive priest gets jailed for sexually molesting children.

    Most of these victims have been found out to have entirely changed after undergoing atrocious acts in their childhoods. Some people never focused on their marriages and never showed affection to their wives and kids; some could not keep the memories off their heads even after many years passed.

    The Church is failing in giving justice to victims

    The Catholic church, for instance, is doing a great job in protecting its image instead of providing justice to the affected. The Pope is said to conceal most of the church’s involvement by having to keep most of the bad practices in secret. Even after the revelations, the Vatican fails to comment about the action they should take against vulture priests.

    Publication of Abuses Delayed

    Court blocks the release of investigation reports when the abusers say the investigations are misguided and that their rights were violated in the investigations. Four months ago Shapiro, AG Pennsylvania reached out to the pope with the hope of stopping priests involved from tampering with witnesses.

    Priest reveals the list of abusive clergy

    A leader of the dioceses of Pennsylvania in the first week of August reveals a list of all the clergy with reports of sexual misconduct. The bishop goes ahead to apologize for the atrocious cases of child sexual molestation in Pennsylvania.

    Benchmark crimes

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    It is often claimed that the society has great influence in making the criminals which might be true with respect to the current condition in my neighborhood. Day to day residential burglary, assault cases, and insecurity has become the order of the day. Crime is termed as a punishable unlawful act.

    The community that used to live in harmony has now become so hostile that nobody is willing to walk even during the day for the fear of being robbed. Everybody has been reduced to walking even those with cars. They are forced to keep their cars not in the neighborhood because they fear waking up and to find their cars driven off. Young energetic men capable of doing good jobs are everywhere in the streets holding guns like toys. This if how bad the insecurity, crimes, and generally moral decay has engulfed my society.

    The rate of crime has become a menace faced by each household in the community. The government ought to have placed necessary measures immediately the first incidence was reported to make the community a better place to live in like it used to be some years ago. Unemployment is always associated with such unethical practices and if so is this because of unemployment? Are the security measures not enough?

    It is often postulated that before you haul an insult at somebody by calling them names such as liars, thief and so on, one needs to substantiate her thinking before uttering the words and in relation to this, what are the causes of crimes? One thing am sure about is that nobody is born a criminal nor does people go school to be criminals and because of some conditions, people ends up committing crimes. Lack of faith in oneself makes some people consider crime as a cure.

    These individuals do not believe in themselves that they can make it in life without creating havoc and commotion. Poor judgment because of improper education affects one's relation with other people and resorts to crimes. Poverty can lead somebody to steal. One thing they ought to learn is that crime is not a lasting solution to their problems and they need to bet something to do other than disturbing everyone’s peace in the neighborhood while they risk their life dearly. TV violence is another cause affecting the young generation. They believe in the stories criminals who managed to make it to the movies and try to make it the same way in life, and besides this, drugs.

    The calmness, love, and harmony in the community can be restored back to normal when the correct measures are taken. The criminals did not drop from any alien planet; they are our brothers, sisters, neighbors or even friends. In a bid eradicate this vice, we need to mention or sue these people so that they can be helped because what they are living is not a lifestyle but suffering. The government and the relevant authorities should try tackling the condition of drugs and substance abuse in the community. Employment opportunities should be availed to the jobless to keep them busy capable of earning a living. Reshaping the educational institutions and systems, remodeling jurisdiction in the community can impact a change and make the criminals dependent. Proper punishment to the criminals should be employed to discourage the others who considers it as a job and may want to join.

    Nobody can protect our homes better than we do, nor can the peace be brought to the community unless they decide to live in harmony. Apart from the government, it is for the members to fight against crime.

    Bernd Ottovordemgentschenfelde – the man with the longest name in Germany

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    Filling out a German form Bernd Ottovordemgentschenfelde says he has trouble getting his name to fit on official forms Photo: ALAMY

    The 45-year-old floor tiler from the Rhineland says he has trouble getting his name to fit on official forms, as well as the side of his van.

    He often has to shorten his name for credit cards, while his wife Sylvia, 45, and daughter Nadine, 14, have both shortened their last name to Gentschenfelde.

    “My father wanted to give me a second first name,” he said. “But my mother successfully stopped that!”

    Judth Schwanke, a name expert from the University of Leipzig in Germany, confirmed he currently has the longest name on record, at 24 letters.

    Robbery-hit city hides its statues (Reuters)

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    AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – The eastern Dutch city of Nijmegen is taking 10 statues off the streets after some of its bronzes were stolen and most likely melted down to take advantage of the high price of the metal alloy.

    Among the statues to be removed for safe-keeping is “Mariken van Nieumeghen” — or Mariken from Nijmegen — which refers to a local character in one of the Netherlands’ earliest books, written around the year 1500.

    The city plans to protect the statues by implanting a GPS chip or may replace them with copies made from cheaper materials.

    (Reporting by Marcel Michelson; Editing by Sara Webb)

    US woman solves Wheel of Fortune puzzle with just one letter revealed

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    Armed with only an ‘I’ as a clue, Caitlin Burke, a 26-year-old fashion journalist, guessed that the phrase “I’ve got a good feeling about this” lay behind the 26 remaining spaces.

    Her gamble won her a holiday in the Caribbean worth $6,500 (£4,029) and stunned Pat Sajak, the veteran host of the US version of the programme.

    Asked how she had known the mystery phrase, Miss Burke said: ” I saw that it was a small word, so [thought] ‘I’ve’.

    “And I thought maybe ‘got a feeling about’, so I’ve got a hunch and I said ‘I’ve got a feeling about this’,” she said.

    Sajak said sarcastically: “Oh, in that case it was easy!”

    Footage of Miss Burke’s feat spread across the web on Monday. It was pointed out she was also helped by the previous contestant wrongly guessing the puzzle contained an ‘R’.

    Miss Burke won a total of more than $53,000 (£32,850) on the programme. She said she planned to pay off her student loan, buy a Chanel handbag and start a business.

    New dad Cameron wants to catch up on sleep in Seoul (Reuters)

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    SEOUL (Reuters) – Prime Minister David Cameron joked on Thursday that getting away from home for the G20 summit would allow him to catch up on his sleep after the birth of his baby daughter.

    “Everyone else has come to Korea for a summit or a business meeting. I’ve come just for a good night’s sleep,” Cameron told delegates at a business summit.

    Cameron and his wife Samantha had a daughter, Florence, in August and also have two other young children.

    Cameron is on a gruelling five-day trip which began with an overnight flight from London and a 36-hour visit to China.

    The prime minister, who has a quick wit, earlier joked that he was spending more time at the summit promoting England’s bid to host the 2018 World Cup than he was on core G20 issues.

    Officials use Steeler-styled van to serve warrants (AP)

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    CONNELLSVILLE, Pa. – Two constables in western Pennsylvania decided driving around in a car resembling a police cruiser was preventing them from serving warrants. So, they decided to go black and gold.

    Constables Hubie Coleman and Albert Younkin used a van decorated in Steelers colors and the team logo.

    Coleman says they drove up to houses and honked the horn. People came out to see them because they were curious about the van. That’s when they served the court papers.

    They also play the team’s fight song when transporting people to a district judge.

    The constables borrowed the van from a car dealership. They tell the Daily Courier of Connellsville that they won’t use it again since their cover is blown, but they are looking for other unique ways to get their job done.


    Information from: The Daily Courier, View the original article here

    Cops: Woman harassed drivers by repeatedly braking (AP)

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    ABERDEEN, N.J. – Authorities accused a New Jersey woman of repeatedly harassing drivers on the Garden State Parkway by braking repeatedly, causing other motorists to tailgate. Karen Born, 52, was free on $27,500 bail, charged with harassment, falsely incriminating others and filing false reports to law enforcement.

    State Police Sgt. Brian Polite told the Asbury Park Press that state troopers issued a warrant for Born’s arrest after 22 incidents of alleged harassment over the summer.

    Polite said Born would call police after the other driver pulled over and claim the other driver was harassing and stalking her.

    It was not clear whether Born had retained an attorney.


    Information from: Asbury Park Press, View the original article here

    Mom sold baby to buy car, police charge (Reuters)

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    MIAMI (Reuters) – A Florida woman was charged with trying to sell her infant son in order to pay for a new car, police said Tuesday.

    The baby’s grandmother brokered the deal and initially demanded $75,000 but agreed to cut the price to $30,000 when told the prospective buyer could not get a bank loan, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) said.

    The mother of the eight-week-old boy, Stephanie Bigbee Fleming, 22, of Bradenton, Florida, was to receive $9,000 of the proceeds, the FDLE said.

    “Fleming planned to purchase a new vehicle from the money received,” an FDLE spokeswoman said.

    Fleming also needed money to pay court costs for an unrelated probation violation, the arrest documents said.

    Fleming was arrested Tuesday. The grandmother, Patty Bigbee, 45, was arrested last week with her boyfriend Lawrence Works, 42, both of Holly Hill, Florida. All three were charged with the illegal sale of a child, and Bigbee was also charged with communications fraud, the department said.

    The arrest report said Bigbee offered to sell the baby to a female relative in October, explaining she had been caring for her grandchild but “was not mother material.”

    The relative alerted police and worked with them during the negotiations. Bigbee and Works were arrested when they collected a $30,000 cashier’s check and handed over the baby to an undercover agent in a Daytona Beach parking lot, police said.

    The baby remains in state custody.

    (Reporting by Jane Sutton; Editing by Cynthia Otserman)

    Pa. home with foot-deep piles of rats coming down (AP)

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    NEW BRIGHTON, Pa. – A western Pennsylvania home will be demolished because it is so overrun with rats that they measure about a foot deep in spots.

    Officials in Pulaski Township say the home has been a problem in the neighborhood for about a year. Neighbors called the township last week to complain when they saw rats coming out of the home.

    Officials say the home’s owner used to breed dogs there. The woman, who is bankrupt, moved out in August and her husband is in a nursing home.

    The Beaver County Times reports that an exterminator hopes to kill about 95 percent of the rats before the home is demolished Friday. Officials will erect a perimeter around the home to try and prevent any rats that survive from going into neighboring homes.


    Information from: Beaver County Times, View the original article here